Craving Science! The Carrefour show that makes food education a lot more palatable by serving it with a drizzle of entertainment and pop culture.

If the first episode was all about bread (Romanians having the highest bread consumption per capita in all of the EU), the second one popped the lid off another topic that’s pretty hot around here: canning.

And speaking of hot, the third episode was a science-y ode to soups, the food that fuels this nation every single day.

Apparently, the audience had quite the appetite for each digital serving of the series, Craving Science reaching the best performance of all Youtube ads on Carrefour’s channel in 2021, with more than 3.5 million views for the last two episodes & an average view duration of approx. 6 minutes.

The show has also received praise directly from consumers, as it’s considered highly original, a great fit with Carrefour’s brand and mission, and exceeding expectations related to what a hypermarket can produce in terms of content. [Social media usage and evaluation of YouTube hypermarket series, WaveTree0, 2021].

It was also enough to earn the series a Gold trophy in the Retail communication category at Internetics 2021.


Craving science 3



Gold @ Internetics 2021 in Retail