Mortgage, perhaps the heaviest commitment with a bank and with life.

Instead of advertising only a good interest, we decided to address people’s fears when buying a house in a way that is entertaining, educational and it brings relief.

People’s most common fears when committing to a mortgage were addressed in discussions with financial, design, and psychology experts or… destroyed in the most creative ways…

Either way, you would get rid of them. Portrayed as the “elephants” in the room, fears would come to an end by discussion or by destruction.

Discussed together with actor Marius Manole or destroyed by actress Ilona Brezoianu.

The campaign ended with a live together with Marius Manole and Ilona Brezoianu who destroyed fears people would send in comments in all the possible ways.

#discuss and #destroy and #doyourthing

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Silver @ Internetics 2021 for Best Website Content