To be or not to be… a good wine.

Half of all Romanian traditional songs are about love.

The other half is about drinking wine and having a good time.

This is how much Romanians cherish their grape nectar.

But not just any wine hits the right chord. Many Romanians feel that homemade wine, even the one bought from the side of the road, is better than the one found in supermarkets, a belief rooted in the communist age, where most industrial-made wines were simply awful.

That’s why Open Romanian Wine, Carrefour’s nationwide program of promoting small and medium-sized winemakers, reached out to a tough crowd, even with local producers winning tons of medals abroad.

So how could we turn this misconception around? Well, with a preconception: foreigners know best.

That’s how we conceived Strangers with Wine, a series about two French wine lovers who, ironically, embark on a mission to tell Romanians how good Romanian wine is, one region at a time.

People not only engaged with the content but also bought some wine.

Quite a lot, actually.

According to brand trackers, DVR wine sales saw a >100% evolution in volumes vs PY, and DVR’s share in total Carrefour wine sales grew by > 80% vs PY.

Also, the first three episodes registered the following engagement across platforms: 14.4 million total impressions, view rate (long video) from 29.63% (first episode) to 46.20% (second episode) to 62.93% (third episode), and 2 million total reach for all posts on-page.

The special episode of Wine Strangers for the 1st of December – Romania’s National Day – also scored some nice figures in terms of engagement: approx 1.4 million views and 1.4k interactions.




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